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CURRENTLY IN DEVELOPMENT our Flash and Find device is an all weather and easy to use plastic mold with LED lights that incorporate our technology for use with or without our mobile apps. The manufacturing company is working with Flash and Find to design a few different prototypes that we can model and display and we are excited about unveiling the device as soon as it is ready.
OUR INNOVATIVE DESIGN also allows Flash and Find to be "white labeled" with the logo and color schemes of our Cooperative Partners for selective branding initiatives.
SIMPLE YET INNOVATIVE our Flash and Find device is not a cheap piece of plastic with simple user functions, but rather a stylish and high quality device that is very easy to use. The Flash and Find device is designed to last and not fall apart or fail due to climate changes and outdoor conditions.
VISIT AGAIN SOON because we will display our Flash and Find device here and throughout this website as well as our social media profiles just as soon as the prototype is ready. We are very excited to show the world our Flash and Find device and thank you for your continued interests.